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About Chris Falcon Hill Bespoke Design

The Early Years: A Journey Begins

In the early 1990s, I embarked on my career as a freelance graphic designer, employing traditional brush and ink techniques. My work during this time included creating book and magazine covers for the Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF), highlighted by a major-commission poster titled “Living in a Catchment.” This project marked a significant step in my professional development.

Embracing the Digital Age: Web Design Pioneer

Transitioning into the digital realm, I faced the challenge of creating the ACF’s first website. Lacking formal training in web design but equipped with a computer and a determined spirit, I self-educated in HTML. This era, the “old cowboy days” of web design, involved hand-coding websites and laid the foundation for my digital expertise.

Expanding Horizons: From Public Service to Advertising Agency

My journey led me to the Victorian Government’s Department of Human Services, where I was instrumental in their web division. This experience was followed by a significant tenure at Grey Advertising (now Grey Worldwide), working as a digital designer in their innovative Interactive unit.

Leadership in Digital Design: A Government Role

Recognised for my skills, I became the Head-web Designer for the government’s Public Health Division. This position underscored my abilities in leading digital projects and navigating the evolving landscape of web design.

A Creative Interlude: The Kazoos

Post-Public Health, I pivoted to my passion for music and theatre. Leveraging my background in songwriting and performance, I co-founded The Kazoos, a children’s entertainment brand, with my then-wife. The Kazoos quickly became Australia’s most prominent independent children’s stage show, extensively touring both domestically and in Singapore, and producing two albums and two DVDs.

A New Chapter in Design and Creativity

In the wake of the pandemic and the conclusion of The Kazoos project, I redirected my creative energies, marking a return to my roots in design and concurrently conceptualizing a new children’s brand, Dr Nincompoop. This period of transition, beginning with Chris Hill Studios and later evolving into Chris Falcon Hill Bespoke Design, reflects a deeper engagement with clients, melding my extensive experience with a fresh creative outlook.

Today, Chris Falcon Hill Bespoke Design stands as the culmination of a diverse and dynamic career. It encapsulates my lifelong dedication to creativity, innovation, and the pursuit of design excellence.

Acknowledgement of Country

We wish to acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the land on which we work, live and learn. This land is, has always been and will always be First Nations land and it has never been ceded. We pay our respects to the Elders past & present of the Wurrundjeri People of the Kulin Nations & we extend that respect to all First Nations Peoples.